Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 1, No. 126. Wednesday, 28 Nov 1990.
Date:         Wed, 28 Nov 90 17:19:31 EST
From:         Ken Steele <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject:      1991 SAA Seminar Papers on SHAKSPER Fileserver
    SHAKSPER was originally conceived as a year-round forum to
perpetuate discussion initiated by conference papers and seminars
at the annual Shakespeare Association meetings, to store copies of
seminar papers for easy retrieval by auditors, and to facilitate the
advance planning of such seminars.
    SHAKSPER is now taking the first tentative steps in this
direction, with the inauguration of a Fileserver area devoted to
abstracts and seminar papers for the 1991 Shakespeare Association
of America conference (scheduled for Vancouver, British Columbia,
March 21-23).  Seven members of SAA Seminar 3, "Shakespeare's
Quartos: Text, Performance, Memory," including its two leaders,
Linda Anderson and Janis Lull, are already members of
SHAKSPER, and have agreed to circulate electronic copies of their
abstracts and papers via the SHAKSPER Fileserver.
    SHAKSPEReans interested in auditing Seminar 3, or interested
in the subject but unable to attend the Vancouver conference, are
welcome to retrieve abstracts and papers, and to participate in the
advance discussions here on SHAKSPER, which I hope will be both
vigorous and thought-provoking.  Conventional mail has always
allowed seminar members to read each other's papers in
preparation for conferences, and occasionally to write responses.
SHAKSPER, however, should permit dialogue to a revolutionary
degree: seminar members and auditors can review abstracts, make
comments and suggestions, adapt their research in response to this
discussion, and distribute final papers.  It is my hope that this
experiment will prove sufficiently successful to demonstrate the
potential of electronic mail and SHAKSPER to the Shakespeare
Association at large.
    SHAKSPEReans writing papers for other sessions at the 1991
SAA conference are also heartily encouraged to submit electronic
copies of abstracts, drafts, and/or completed papers to me for
inclusion on the SHAKSPER Fileserver.  Authors are welcome to
ask fellow SHAKSPEReans for comments and suggestions on
abstracts or draft papers, or to raise related issues in notes or
queries.  (Please see the guidelines for submitted files in the new
version of the SHAKSPER GUIDE, available from the Fileserver.)
    For now, then, let me announce the first abstract in the
Seminar 3 area of the Fileserver: Skip Shand's "Queen of the First
Quarto," a performance-oriented study of the figure of Gertrude in
the first quarto of *Hamlet*.  (Stored as SHAND ABSTRACT on the
Fileserver.)  More abstracts should be joining it by the end of
November, and final papers should be in place by February.  Let
me encourage seminar members and especially SHAKSPEReans
unable to attend the conference to discuss questions raised by
these abstracts and papers right here on SHAKSPER.  I have no
doubt that there will be plenty left to say in Vancouver!
                                      Ken Steele
                                      University of Toronto
[General information on the 1991 SAA Conference and its Programme
can be found in the file VANCOUVR CONFERNC on the SHAKSPER Fileserver.]

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