Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 1, No. 142. Thursday, 27 Dec 1990.
Date:     Thu, 20 Dec 90 10:51 EST
From:     <COX@HOPE>
Subject:  Globe archeology
        I have just had a letter from Andrew Gurr, of the University of
Reading.  He is the principal academic consultant to the Rose and Globe
digs.  His letter appeals for mail to be sent to the Secretary of State
for the Environment and the head of English Heritage on behalf of the
Globe dig.
        His letter is too long to type here in full, but the gyst of it
is that the government is planning to put the Globe dig on hold for twenty-
five years.  Apparently this plan is not yet policy, and time remains to
influence the decision.  Hence Gurr's appeal for letters.  If you believe
the dig is important enough to proceed with at once, and if you are in-
clined to write two letters, please address them to:
                Michael Heseltine
                Secretary of State for the Environment
                c/o Heritage Division
                Department of the Environment
                2 Marsham Street
                London SW1P 3EB
                Dr. Geoffrey Wainwright
                English Heritage
                Fortress House
                23 Savile Row
                London W1X 2HE
        Incidentally, I wrote to inform Andrew Gurr of the existence of
SHAKSPER and to suggest that he subscribe to it, so he could issue future
letter requests by means of it.
Season's greetings (even if they come after Ken's hiatus),
John D. Cox

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